About Tac TV

The TAC-TV Team has set out to create the most explosive and uncompromising gun show ever made, a lethal mix of weapons, tactical gear reviews, and combat shooting tips designed exclusively to entertain and inform tactical shooters and gun fighting enthusiasts.

The Gun-Blazing Beast that is TAC-TV was spawned in Las Vegas during the 2011 SHOT Show. Down on the convention floor of the firearms industry’s biggest venue, we were constantly running into combat operators, competitive shooters, hardcore gun enthusiasts and industry professionals seeking a television show focused laser-like on all things tactical. And so it began.

In each episode, TAC-TV host and Team Leader Larry Vickers (http://vickerstactical.com/) will approach the guns, the gear, and the skills that make up the tactical universe with the unwavering attention to detail and deep respect for craftsmanship he developed as a career Special Operations soldier in the US Army.

Larry and the TAC-TV cameras will also hit the road, traveling to where some of today’s most cutting-edge combat weapons and fighting accessories are made, giving TAC-TV Nation a behind-the-scenes look at the design and manufacturing of the latest tactical products.

He’ll also call on some old friends, tapping shooting legends like Ken Hackathorn and RobLeatham to help in his mission to increase your speed and accuracy. Each week you’ll be exposed to the same fundamental principles and sound practices that have guided generations of elite counter-terrorist and crime-fighting units. We’ve even created a one-of-a-kind TAC-TV shooting course, a pistol and carbine challenge that Larry, the crew, and every guest on the show will be scored on. It’s an excellent drill that tests some basic practical shooting skills.

Viewers should run through the course at their local shooting range, capture it on video and show us how you match up against the world’s best.

With the highest production values ever seen in shooting television, TAC-TV will also break new ground in bringing you right into the fight, with images and angles that capture the in-your-face energy and violence of modern gun fighting. Gun mounted cameras, high-speed cameras, and POV cameras will give TAC-TV Nation a gunslingers-eye view of what it really looks like when the bullets start to fly.

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